The Leek Quiche of Julia Child (« flamiche »)

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   La version Française se trouve ICI
Julia Child loved quiches, and gives us this perfect recipe for a simple and delightful quiche 
Leeks Quiche of Julia Child

About this recipe

Julia Child liked quiches.

In her own words, quiches are « practically foolproof, you can invent your own combinations ».

Julia also mentions that this recipe can be easily turned into hors-d’oeuvres, by cooking this quiche in muffin pans, this will turn into mini-quiches, ideal for a party
Leeks Quiche of Julia ChildEveryone loves it !
Leeks Quiche of Julia Child
Julia Child

Julia Child, we owe you respect

This is a recipe of Julia Child.

I have a great respect for Julia, for the dedication to French Cuisine and her huge work to assemble the French recipes and techniques in her book. She acquired her knowledge while living in Paris and studying at the Cordon Bleu de Paris
Julia Child

Her book, a masterpiece

Julia spent many years in Paris and discovered the French food, and upon attending the Cordon Bleu, learned about French cuisine techniques.

After she moved back to the United States, Julia Child wrote her book "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", a masterpiece that is still a best seller that you still can find nowadays in all bookstores in the states. What an impressive undertaking !
Julia ChildIn fact, the book was written with two French ladies, Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle.

These three ladies met in Paris and started an informal school "L'école des trois gourmandes" (The School of the Three Food Lovers).

When Julia appeared on television, she kept the same name on a sticker on her chest.
After writing her book, Julia appeared on American television in a series called "The French Chef"
Julia Child

Julia in Pasadena

I learned about Julia Child quite late : While I was living shortly in Pasadena for a class at the Cordon Bleu, my teachers mentioned Julia and her book.

Coincidence: Julia lived in Pasadena and studied at the Cordon Bleu (but that in Paris).

While in Pasadena, I decided to visit her place

House of Julia Child
625 Magnolia Avenue
Pasadena, California
Julia Child House in Pasadena
This house is not a museum but a private house
Julia Child House in Paris

Julia in Paris

And when I later visited Paris, (see my post HERE), I had to walk by the place she had been living in Paris...

House of Julia in Paris
81, rue de l'Université
75007 Paris
Julia Child MovieYou probably saw the movie about Julia Child "Julie and Julia", starring Meryl Streep et Amy Adams.

To see the movie, you may buy it on DVD for instance HERE
A movie that you must see, I insist !.

Meryl Streep plays Julia Child, and delivers a great acting performance, as always...
Julia Child Movie
The movie shows Julia's life, including her days at the Cordon Bleu Paris
Julia Child Movie
Here, this is a picture when Meryl Streep (Julia Child) first arrives in Paris
Julia Child Movie
The house of Julia, in the movie, is not 'rue de l'université' as I told you earlier, the movie location was a bit further, and of course I had to see it as well, as I enjoyed very much the movie !

House of Julia (movie)
10, Rue de Seine
75006 Paris
Julia Child Movie at rue de seine in Paris
Julia Child MovieThere are other film locations to discover while in Paris : This article talks about those places
Leeks Quiche of Julia Child

Source of the recipe

Julia Child's book is a must-have...
Leeks Quiche of Julia ChildI initially thought the book would not be very useful, to be honest. However I changed my mind : it is very useful ! Julia captured the traditional recipes, and this information is important to us, food lovers
Leeks Quiche of Julia ChildThe recipe is on page 151 of her book

Modifications to the original recipe

I modified a couple things:
  • I use a lesser quantity of


    : ¾ lbs or 350 g instead of 1 lbs…
  • I used

    White Wine

    to deglaze, for a greater taste : Julia used water instead
  • I also add

    Garlic powder

    , as the taste matches so well with leeks. Julia would agree with me, I’m sure !


Leeks Quiche of Julia Child 
Shortcrust Pastry.
The recipe is HERE

¾ lbs Leeks (350 grams). This is the weight of the minced leeks, not the weight of the whole leeks !

1 teaspoon of Salt

3 Tablespoons Butter (42 grams)

½ Cup White Wine (113 grams)

  »Migaine » batter

3 Eggs

1 ½ Cup Whipping Cream (340 grams)

½ teaspoon of Pepper

One pinch of Nutmeg

4 Tablespoons Grated Cheese (28 grams)


½ tablespoon of Garlic powder


Leeks Quiche of Julia ChildJulia Child was not using the whole length of the


, but only the white part and the light green part.

Once minced, keep ¾ lbs or 350 g
Leeks Quiche of Julia ChildGet rid of the dark green part, only keep the white and light green part
Mince the


(¾ lbs or 350 g)
Leeks Quiche of Julia Child
Leeks Quiche of Julia ChildRince generously and dry up

Sauté the leeks

Sauté the


with the


(3 Tablespoons or 42 g)

Stir, and cook until lightly golden
Leeks Quiche of Julia Child
Leeks Quiche of Julia ChildDeglaze with the

White Wine

(½ Cup or 113 g), and add the


, and cook, covered, until almost all the liquid has evaporated
Leeks Quiche of Julia Child Transfer into a bowl, and place it in the refrigerator, we want the leeks to cool down before adding in the eggs
Leeks Quiche of Julia Child

The « migaine », the batter

For the batter (« migaine »), it’s as simple as adding those ingredients into a bowl and beat them :
  • The


  • The

    Whipping Cream

    (1 ½ Cup or 340 g)
  • The


    (½ teaspoon)
  • The


    (One pinch)
  • The

    Grated Cheese

    (4 Tablespoons or 28 g)
  • The

    Garlic powder

    (½ tablespoon)
Once the


have cooled down, add them into the bowl and stir
Leeks Quiche of Julia Child

The mold

I used a 9 inches mold, that I buttered with a piece of cold butter
Leeks Quiche of Julia Child

Shortcrust Pastry

The recipe of the Shortcrust Pastry is HERE
Leeks Quiche of Julia Child
Roll out the Shortcrust Pastry and place into the buttered mold.

Press the dough lightly, around the edges, and trim off the excess
Leeks Quiche of Julia Child
Leeks Quiche of Julia ChildPrick with a fork
Leeks Quiche of Julia ChildPour the batter, into the pastry shell
Sprinkle the quiche with the

Grated Cheese

(4 Tablespoons or 28 g). (I like Swiss Cheese, but any other cheese like parmesan will do!)
Leeks Quiche of Julia Child
Bake in « upper third » of pre-heated oven at 380 °F/190 °C for

35 minutes

, or until browned
Leeks Quiche of Julia Child
Voila ! Bon appétit !
Leeks Quiche of Julia Child

The result and the pix

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      I used to watch all her TV shows when I first came tom the United States. I love this quiche.

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