French Charlotte with mangoes and coconut

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   La version Française se trouve ICI
A typical layer cake called Charlotte, with an exotic twist and Mangoes, Coconut and Rum flavors 
Coconut Bavarian Cream

About this recipe

A recipe I learned with a French master, a « MOF » or « King of Pastry ».

The typical French charlotte is made with pears, but I found this recipe with Mangoes, Coconut, Rum to be just incredibly awesome and delicious

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French Charlotte with mangoes and coconut

The Mango Layer (the « insert »)

Coconut Bavarian Cream 
1 Cup Mangoes (190 grams)

1.6 Gelatin Sheets

2 Tablespoons Sugar (20 grams)
Cook on medium heat the diced


(1 Cup or 190 g).

I tried with fresh mangoes and I found that canned mangoes are a better choice
Coconut Bavarian Cream
Coconut Bavarian CreamAfter cooking 2 minutes, blend into a puree
Coconut Bavarian CreamBloom the


(1.6 Gelatin Sheets) in cold water for 2 minutes while keeping the saucepan on low heat
Add the


(2 Tablespoons or 20 g) and the


(1.6 Gelatin Sheets) and stir
Coconut Bavarian Cream
The final charlotte will be assembled in a ring of 6″ in diameter (15 cm), and the size of this Mango cremeux must be slightly smaller : 5.5″ (14 cm)
Coconut Bavarian Cream
I wrapped one side of the 5.5″ ring to create a « bottom »
Coconut Bavarian Cream
Pour in the « crémeux » and place into the freezer for at least 2 hours until the crémeux is hard as a rock !
Coconut Bavarian Cream

The Ladyfinger Cake

For the charlotte I use another ring (the 6″ ring I talked previously), it’s 2.8″ high
Coconut Bavarian Cream
Coconut Bavarian CreamFor the cake, you will need to follow the instructions, HERE to make :
  • The ring

    laid out around the charlotte
  • The bottom

The ring

For the ring, pipe « lines » that are twice as long as the heigh of the ring…
Coconut Bavarian Cream
Coconut Bavarian Creamthen cut in half : they are now as long as the ring height !
Coconut Bavarian CreamSoak the cake with simple syrup (or with mango juice)

The cake bottom

For the bottom, pipe a circle of 6″ in diameter
Coconut Bavarian Cream
Coconut Bavarian CreamAfter it’s bake, cut a circle of 5.6″ (14 cm)

Coconut Bavarian Cream

Coconut Bavarian CreamTo make the Bavarian Coconut Cream, the recipe is HERE



 Filling and décoration

A few Mangoes
Wrap one side of the pastry ring to « create » a « bottom »
Coconut Bavarian Cream
I also used acetate sheet to protect the charlotte and to avoid it to touch and stick to the ring
Coconut Bavarian Cream
Coconut Bavarian CreamStart by laying the ring (the side cake) and then place the bottom cake
Coconut Bavarian CreamThis is what it’ll look like
Coconut Bavarian CreamTake the mango crémeux out of the freezer et remove from the ring
Coconut Bavarian CreamPush the crémeux into the cream
Coconut Bavarian Cream You need to push to get rid of the « air pockets »
Some cream will come up
Coconut Bavarian Cream
Coconut Bavarian CreamAdd the diced


and spread them
Coconut Bavarian Cream
Coconut Bavarian Cream
Place in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, overnight ideally
Coconut Bavarian Cream

4 hours later

Remove the ring : the charlotte holds !
Coconut Bavarian Cream
The typical charlotte decoration is a ribbon… it also comes handy when you must carry it to the other side of town, as it will hold the charlotte together
Coconut Bavarian Cream
For the toppings, slice some


Coconut Bavarian Cream
Coconut Bavarian CreamCover the charlotte with the sliced


and to make them shiny, you can brush them with Neutral glaze or Simple Syrup

The result and the pix

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