Christmas Sablés Cookies of Jacquy Pfeiffer

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  • Yield : 40 sablés
  • Preparation Time : 20 Minutes
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   La version Française se trouve ICI
Delicious French cookies from the James Beard award winner Jacquy Pfeiffer 
Alsatian Christmas CookiesThese are delicious Alsatian cookies, called « Christmas Sablés », a recipe provided by Jacquy Pfeiffer who is originally from Alsace (Eastern side on France), and who is now a lead instructor at the renowned Chicago French School of Pastry.

About this recipe

This recipe reminds me of the fantastic years that I spent in French Alsace, (eastern France), a place known for its culture and its cuisine

Au Brasseur
22 Rue des Veaux
67000 Strasbourg
03 88 36 12 13
Alsatian Christmas Cookies
Alsatian Christmas CookiesNostalgia... I lived near the cathedral, and had fantastic years in Strasbourg
Alsatian Christmas Cookies

Source of the recipe

Jacquy Pfeiffer is a native of Alsace in France, and is now working for the famous "French Pastry School" in Chicago.
Alsatian Christmas CookiesJacquy published this book in 2014, and won the "James Beard Award" for the best cook book.
Alsatian Christmas CookiesYou can see Jacquy prepare the top pastry competition in France the "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" contest, in the documentary "Kings Of Pastry" (you may see it on Netflix). In the movie you will see other celebrities such as Stephane Glacier, Sebastien Canonne, Philippe Rigollot and Stéphane Tréand who also has a pastry school in Costa Mesa, CA
Alsatian Christmas CookiesThe recipe can be found Page 187
Alsatian Christmas Cookies


Alsatian Christmas Cookies

For 40 sablés

1 ¾ Cup Flour (300 grams)

1 Cup Almond Flour (100 grams)

1 teaspoon (powdered) Cinnamon (2 grams)

1 Cup Butter (200 grams)

2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract (10 grams)

¾ Cup Sugar (150 grams)

1 teaspoon Salt (3 grams)

2 Tablespoons Eggs (40 grams)


A beaten Egg

For 20 sablés

1 Cup Flour (150 grams)

½ Cup Almond Flour (50 grams)

½ teaspoon (powdered) Cinnamon (1 gram)

½ Cup Butter (100 grams)

1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract (5 grams)

⅓ Cup Sugar (75 grams)

½ teaspoon Salt (2 grams)

2 teaspoons Eggs (20 grams)


A beaten Egg


Alsatian Christmas Cookies


Let’s start by sifting the


(1 ¾ Cup or 300 g) and the

Almond Flour

(1 Cup or 100 g)
Alsatian Christmas CookiesAdd in the

(powdered) Cinnamon

(1 teaspoon or 2 g) and mix gently, and then set aside
Alsatian Christmas CookiesIn a mixing bowl, place :
  • The


    (1 Cup or 200 g)
  • The

    Vanilla Extract

    (2 teaspoons or 10 g)
  • The


    (¾ Cup or 150 g)
  • The


    (1 teaspoon or 3 g)
Alsatian Christmas Cookies
  • Mix those ingredients, by hand or with a stand mixer (like a Kitchen Aid)
  • Then add the


    (2 Tablespoons or 40 g) and mix for

    2 minutes

Alsatian Christmas CookiesAdd in the sifted



(powdered) Cinnamon


Almond Flour

and mix
Alsatian Christmas CookiesThe result is a thick dough
Alsatian Christmas Cookies


Jacquy recommend to let the dough rest:
  • Flatten the dough
  • Wrap it
  • Let the dough rest in the fridge for at least 2 hours or even overnight
Alsatian Christmas Cookies

Cookie Cutters

You will need cookie cutters. Since these are Christmas cookie cutters, I chose adequate shapes such as Xmas trees, Snow flakes, stars and gingerbread man….


After the 2 hours rest in the refrigerator, we need to roll the dough.
Here’s the trick to get an evenly spread dough : use wooden sticks…
Alsatian Christmas Cookies
… and roll the dough with a rolling pin on those wooden sticks…
Alsatian Christmas Cookies
That way, you will get the best results : A flat dough with no bumps. You are trying to achieve a 1/2 centimeter thickness, or 0.2 inches or 1/5 inches
Alsatian Christmas Cookies
Using the cookie cutters of your choice, cut out the « sablés » cookies
Alsatian Christmas Cookies
Alsatian Christmas Cookies
Alsatian Christmas Cookies Place it in the freezer for

10 minutes

The dough becomes hard… which will make it easier to remove the extra dough between the shapes you just cut
Alsatian Christmas Cookies
Alsatian Christmas Cookies


Jacquy Pfeiffer recommends brushing the Sablés cookies with some eggwash

10 minutes

, and brush again with eggwash
Alsatian Christmas Cookies


Place in the oven, preheated at 320 °F/160 °C, until golden. In my case, I had to wait for for about

25 minutes

Alsatian Christmas Cookies
After they’re baked, sablés must cool down on a rack
Alsatian Christmas Cookies
My cookies were good to eat for a few days, when placed in a box… Enjoy !
Alsatian Christmas Cookies

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Comments for This Recipe


    1. Dee wrote:

      Is 40g egg part of cookies ingredients ?
      Or is it used for eggwash ?

    2. François answered:
      Hi Dee, the eggs must be added in the mixture and the eggwash is separate (I added the eggwash to the ingredients list to make it simpler),

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