The Chocolate Mousse with the Pâte à bombe technique of Lenôtre

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   La version Française se trouve ICI
A magic recipe of Lenôtre for Chocolate Mousse lovers, this one makes mousses light and frothy but also solid so they can hold a long time at room temperature as well as in layer cakes 
French Chocolate Mousse

About this recipe

Since I tried this recipe I ditched my old chocolate mousse recipes, as this one beats them all ! This recipe makes extremely fluffy and tasty chocolate mousses
French Chocolate Mousse

Source of the recipe

I got this recipe from the Lenôtre cookbook "La Pâtisserie". Lenôtre is one of the top pastry schools and pastry chefs in Paris. If you can, stop by their shop, school and restaurant on the Champs Elysées in Paris
French Chocolate MousseI bought this book while studying in their school
French Chocolate MousseSee the article I wrote about their school HERE
French Chocolate Mousse
French Chocolate MousseThe recipe is on page 140

Modifications to the original recipe

  • I use 1 ¾ Cup or 300 g of

    Dark Chocolate

    instead of 400 grams in the original recipe
  • Instead of using dark chocolate (70%), I use half of dark chocolate 70% (¾ Cup or 150 g) and half of milk chocolate (¾ Cup or 150 g)


French Chocolate Mousse 

 Pâte à Bombe

4 Tablespoons Water (50 grams)

¾ Cup Sugar (150 grams)

½ Cup Egg Yolks (100 grams)

⅓ Cup Eggs (150 grams)

 Whipped Cream

2 ⅓ Cups Whipping Cream (520 grams)


1 ¾ Cup Dark Chocolate (300 grams)


Prepping the ingredients

Before starting the recipe, we need a bit of prepping:
French Chocolate Mousse Place the

Whipping Cream

(2 ⅓ Cups or 520 g) in the refrigerator
Place the bowl and the whisk what you will use to whip the cream, in the freezer. It is important that you beat the cream when it is cold and when the mixing bowl is cold too
French Chocolate Mousse
French Chocolate MousseLet the the

Egg Yolks

(½ Cup or 100 g) and the the


(⅓ Cup or 150 g) warm to room temperature for

30 minutes

The « pâte à bombe »

The « pâte à bombe » is a French name for a mixture that will serve as the base for the chocolate mousse. It is a mix of beaten eggs with a hot syrup that will create thousands of bubbles while it is cooling down, while making the mousse « solid » : It’s magical as the « pâte à bombe » makes mousse fluffy while making it sturdy as well… your chocolate mousse will be so fluffy, and will hold at room temperature. It is an ideal technique for mousses that must hold at room temperature, but also for mousses that must be used inside layer cakes (and resist the weight of layers)
French Chocolate MousseWe start with the hot syrup : Pour in a saucepan the


(4 Tablespoons or 50 g) and the


(¾ Cup or 150 g)
French Chocolate Mousse Heat your sugar syrup over a medium-high flame
French Chocolate MousseThere is always a risk in making a syrup : Wash down the sides of the pan with a brush dipped in cold water to prevent crystallization…
French Chocolate MousseIn a mixing bowl, combine the

Egg Yolks

(½ Cup or 100 g) and the


(⅓ Cup or 150 g)
French Chocolate MousseBeat at maximum speed using an egg beater or a stand mixer like the ‘kitchen aid’ appliance I’m using, the eggs must become light and frothy
French Chocolate MousseWait until the syrup temperature reaches 245 °F/121 °C : remove the saucepan from the heat
French Chocolate MoussePour the hot sugar syrup by streaming it into your egg whites as they continue to whip on low to medium speed
French Chocolate Mousse Make sure the syrup does not touch the whisk !
French Chocolate MousseOnce the syrup is poured, keep whipping on maximum speed for

a few minutes

to cool it down
French Chocolate MousseKeep whisking for at least

10 minutes

: you may stop only when the mixing bowl is not hot anymore
French Chocolate MousseYou will obtain a perfect « pâte à bombe », ready to be used
French Chocolate Mousse
French Chocolate Mousse

Crème montée

Whisk the

Whipping Cream

(2 ⅓ Cups or 520 g) in the mixing bowl that was set aside in the freezer
We want to whisk for a brief moment…
French Chocolate Mousse
French Chocolate MousseYou want a whipped cream that is not too stiff otherwise you won’t be able to combine it easily with the rest.

Once it’s done, keep aside in the refrigerator
French Chocolate MousseThis whipped cream is too stiff, too firm and this would be difficult to mix
French Chocolate MousseThe cream must hold to the finger, but must be soft and not too stiff

The chocolate

Lenôtre recommends a dark and quality

Dark Chocolate

at 70%, which I tried but I found it too …. much in chocolate as far as I’m concerned
French Chocolate Mousse
French Chocolate MousseI then decided to mix in Milk Chocolate and found the taste much better
French Chocolate MousseIt’s really up to you, but trust me, the taste is better when you combine half Milk Chocolate (¾ Cup or 150 g) and half Dark Chocolate(¾ Cup or 150 g)
Melt the chocolate (1 ¾ Cup or 300 g) in a double-boiler
French Chocolate Mousse
French Chocolate MousseThen set aside and wait until the temperature goes down to 120 °F/45 °C
French Chocolate Mousse


Mix in a bit of whipped cream
French Chocolate Mousse
French Chocolate MousseAdd in the pâte à bombe and do not whisk, but gently fold in the mixture
French Chocolate MousseWhisking would break the fluffy structure of the mousse, you do need to fold using a rubber spatula
French Chocolate MousseAt the end, fold in the

Whipping Cream

in 3 times
French Chocolate MousseYou will use a spatula to gently fold
French Chocolate MousseThe batter won’t look so fluffy, but don’t be discouraged, it now needs to rest in the fridge
Refrigerate for at least 4 hours
French Chocolate Mousse
You can use this recipe for individual Mousse dessert, or use in a layer cake.
Enjoy !!
French Chocolate Mousse

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The result and the pix

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