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    What to cook with : Chocolate

Felder’s Chocolate Crêpes, Lime sauce Posted on: Sunday March 7, 2021  

These Chocolate Crepes are a simple yet special breakfast, brunch or dessert recipe! Filled with a refreshing lime sauce and a drizzle of chocolate sauce, this is a recipe to make for a decadent and special occasion

Course: Crêpe, Crepe And Waffle, Dessert

Difficulty: Easy

Chef: Christophe Felder

Ingredients : Cocoa Powder, Chocolate, Lime, Whipping cream, Eggs, Lemon zests,

Languages:  English  |   Français

Julia’s Child 3 Chocolates Queen of Sheba (reine de saba) Posted on: Wednesday October 2, 2019  

Julia’s Child 3 Chocolates Queen of Sheba (reine de saba)

Course: Dessert, Cake, Chocolate Cake

Difficulty: Experienced

Chef: Julia Child

Book: Mastering The Art Of French Cooking, Vol.1

Ingredients : Almonds, Coffee, Chocolate, Milk chocolate, White chocolate, Whipping cream, Almond extract, Almond powder,

Languages:  English  |   Français

Pierre Hermé’s Chocolate Sorbet Posted on: Thursday August 17, 2017  

A delicious treat, the Chocolate Sorbet has no eggs and no cream like an ice cream does, yet it is delicious and really intense for Chocolate lovers

Course: Dessert, Ice Cream And Sorbet

Difficulty: Easy

Servings: 5

Preparation Time: 50 Minutes

Chef: Pierre Hermé

Book: Desserts By Pierre Herme

Ingredients : Chocolate,

Languages:  English  |   Français

Conticini’s Chocolate Pound Cake Posted on: Monday June 26, 2017  

A delicious chocolate bread, perfected by the famous French chef Conticini

Course: Pound Cake, Dessert

Difficulty: Easy

Yield: A 11 inches long cake

Servings: 10

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

Cooking Time: 40 Minutes

Chef: Philippe Conticini

Ingredients : Chocolate, Milk chocolate, Whipping cream, Pearl sugar,

Staples : Pays De Gex

Languages:  English  |   Français

Lenôtre’s Chocolate Mousse with the Pâte à bombe technique Posted on: Saturday September 24, 2016  

A magic recipe of Lenôtre for Chocolate Mousse lovers, this one makes mousses light and frothy but also solid so they can hold a long time at room temperature as well as in layer cakes

Course: Dessert, Mousse, Cake Mousse, Chocolate Mousse

Difficulty: Experienced

Chef: Lenôtre

Book: Ecole Lenôtre : Pastrymaking (French/english)

Ingredients : Chocolate, Whipping cream, Egg yolks, Eggs,

Languages:  English  |   Français

Christophe Adam’s Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (say goodbye to nutella) Posted on: Wednesday April 6, 2016  

A delicious spread from the great French pastry chef Christophe Adam

Course: Dessert

Difficulty: Easy

Yield: Un bocal

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

Chef: Christophe Adam

Ingredients : Chocolate, Gianduja, Hazelnuts, Milk powder,

Languages:  English  |   Français