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    Recipes with : Lyon

Bocuse’s Pink Praline Tart Posted on: Friday November 26, 2021  

The Pink Praline Tart ! Learn how to make this French gourmet tart, a recipe by the great chef Bocuse

Course: Dessert, Tart

Difficulty: Intermediate

Chef: Paul Bocuse

Ingredients : Whipping cream, Almond extract, Glucose, Shortcrust Pastry, Pink pralines,

Staples : Europe, France, Lyon

Languages:  English  |   Français

Bocuse’s Pink Pralines (Lyonnaise candied almonds) Posted on: Monday November 15, 2021  

Pink Pralines (candied almonds or 'pralines roses') are a specialty from Lyon, France. A real treat to be used as candies, or to be used in Praline Tarts. Making Pink Pralines is fun and definitely cheaper.

Course: Candy, Dessert

Difficulty: Easy

Chef: Paul Bocuse

Ingredients : Almonds,

Staples : Lyon

Languages:  English  |   Français

Lyonnaise Sausage in Brioche (“Saucisson Brioché”) Posted on: Tuesday April 19, 2016  

A delicious and traditional dish from Lyon, a city some say is the food capital in France

Course: Main Dish

Difficulty: Intermediate

Preparation Time: 40 Minutes

Cooking Time: 30 Minutes

Chef: Madame D'aubéry

Ingredients : Eggs, Sausage,

Staples : Lyon, Mont-Blanc

Languages:  English  |   Français