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Salmon Lobster Wellington Recipe

  • This Recipe
  • Cuisine: French Cuisine
  • Course: Main Dish, Fish
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Category: Course
  • Preparation Time: 30 Minutes
  • Cooking Time: 30 Minutes

   La version Française se trouve ICI
Impress guests with Salmon Lobster Wellington, this festive centrepiece is a better choice than the classic «beef wellington», ideal to celebrate a great diner with family or friends 

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About this recipe

The original recipe is the famous Beef Wellington, but something was bothering me when eating it. And I think it's the annoying contrast between the soft crispy dough and the meat that I find always too hard to chew on, making it not as enjoyable as this one that I am showing you

Salmon Wellington


I find the Salmon Wellington version far superior, as the crispy and soft dough goes really well with the moist and tender Salmon.

Salmon Wellington


Impress your guests with Salmon Lobster Wellington, this festive centrepiece is a better choice than the classic «beef wellington», this classy lobster salmon dish is great to celebrate diners with family and friends

Salmon Wellington


Salmon Wellington



Salmon Wellington
2 Shallots

3 Garlic Cloves

2 Lobster. Fresh Lobster tails, or frozen

½ Cup White Wine

2 Salmon Filets

Puff Dough. If you can't find puff dough, you may substitute with phyllo dough

A few Spinach Leaves


You will need...


The Lobster

1.  Start by lightly browning the


(2) in a bit of butter, then add the diced

Garlic Cloves

(3) and stir on low/medium heat

2. For today's meal I took


, but you may substitute with crab as well

3.  Take the meat out of the shells of the


(2) and cut in chunks

4.  Cook on high heat in the pan with the


and the

Garlic Cloves

5. Then deglaze with the

White Wine

(½ Cup), add the


and let evaporate

6. Set aside
Salmon WellingtonSalmon WellingtonSalmon WellingtonSalmon Wellington

The Salmon

7. Remove the skin and the pin bones of the

Salmon Filets


8.  Sear the

Salmon Filets


a few seconds

9.  The goal is NOT TO COOK THROUGH but to simply sear them.
Salmon WellingtonSalmon Wellington

10.  For a perfect result, use a loaf mold. I am using a Silikomart mold "TOR250X90"

11. To purchase online, see HERE
Salmon WellingtonSalmon Wellington

12. Coat the mold with plastic wrap. You will get the best results when using a thick puff dough

13. Coat the mold with the puff dough

14. Fill with the precooked


15. Spread a few

Spinach Leaves

Salmon WellingtonSalmon WellingtonSalmon WellingtonSalmon Wellington

16. Finish by filling with the precooked

Salmon Filets

17. Fold the puff dough, then place it in the refrigerator for

1 hour

Salmon WellingtonSalmon Wellington

18. For the decoration, I chose to use a lattice pattern, using this lattice rolling tool. You may be creative and choose your own patterns with cookie cutters as well !

19. To purchase online, see HERE

20. I placed the dough in the freezer to solidify which will make the next steps easier
Salmon WellingtonSalmon WellingtonSalmon Wellington

21. Remove the mold from the refrigerator and unmold (remove the plastic wrap of course !)

22. Brush with some



23. and lay the pattern you chose (in my case, the lattice)
Salmon WellingtonSalmon WellingtonSalmon WellingtonSalmon Wellington


24. Place in the preheated oven at 380 °F / 190 °C for about

30 minutes

Salmon Wellington


Soooooooooo good. A real treat that makes my guests happy every time

Salmon Wellington


Bon appétit !

Salmon Wellington


The result and the pix

Readers' Photos

Christbriz Ardèche
“Je fais aussi en forme de poisson , au lieu du homard je mets du crabe en boîte de luxe ,merci pour votre présentation ,,,faut il mieux le congeler déjà cuit et réchauffer a 160 le jour j , ou precuit ? Je n utilise que des ingrédients frais sauf la boîte de crabe , cordialement Christiane d Ardèche“

FX (François-xavier) answers :
“Oui c'est une possibilité. Perso, je préfère 1- soit cuire et reserver au frais (frigo) puis rechauffer le lendemain 2- Ou 2eme solution (quand on le fait tres en avance), le "mi-cuire" (cuire moitie du temps), congeler, puis finir du cuire juste avant de servir“

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Comments for This Recipe

  1. On Wednesday March 1, 2017
    Leslie Vestrich wrote:
    Awesome recipes! May I ask the approximate weight of those two salmon fillets, how many the dish serves? Thanks!
  2. On Thursday March 2, 2017
    Difficult to remember the weight. I will measure next time and will update the recipe
  3. On Saturday March 18, 2017
    Jackie wrote:
    How do you use the wine, you just deglaze it and sit aside ???????
  4. On Sunday March 19, 2017
    Once the shallots start to brown in the skillet, add the wine and let evaporate by half, while stirring, then transfer to a bowl
  5. On Thursday January 18, 2018
    Tracey wrote:
    I want to make just lobster wellington......would I pre-cook the lobster?
  6. On Friday January 19, 2018
    Hi Tracey : With just Lobster, you will need more lobster of course to compensate for the salmon that you want to replace with lobster.

    Yes - You would need to remove the shells, and sear the lobster flesh on each sides (pre-cook) in a skillet, but not cook entirely, and then finish cooking them in the oven.

    You want to sear them so we are sure they are entirely cooked, but only sear them (and not fully cook) so they can stay moist, and not overcooked.
  7. On Friday February 9, 2018
    Kim wrote:
    Is it necessary to put the decorative dough on top with egg wash or can you just bake it without? Also how do you keep phyllo dough together in the mold?
  8. On Saturday February 10, 2018
    Hi Kim, No it's not mandatory at all. It's mainly for decorating and presentation. However the eggwash is mandatory to give it that beautiful golden final color touch.
  9. On Saturday February 10, 2018
    As for the Phyllo dough, that would be interesting to try... I mentioned in the ingredients that you may use phyllo dough, but honestly, I've never tried.

    The result will be different, but definitely leaner in terms of calories.

    I'm just concerned that unlike Puff Dough, the Phyllo dough doesn't rise when baking, and so I don't know what result you would get... but it's worth the try
  10. On Wednesday December 19, 2018
    Mary Beth Clouse wrote:
    Any idea what size the mold is?
  11. On Wednesday December 19, 2018
    I am using a Silikomart mold "TOR250X90" (To purchase online, see HERE)

    Width: 9.84" (or 9 27/32" or 25 cm)
    Height: 3.54" (or 3 35/64" or 9 cm)
  12. On Wednesday December 16, 2020
    Spinner wrote:
    Can this be prepared ahead of time to bake right before the rest of dinner is ready?
  13. On Wednesday December 16, 2020
    Hey Spinner

    Yes it can be made a few hours before, a day but perhaps not earlier.

    I would slightly underbake it, then refrigerate it overnight (well wrapped), so that when I warm it up just before serving the next day, it doesn't overdry

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2 Shallots

3 Garlic Cloves

2 Lobster

½ Cup White Wine

2 Salmon Filets

Puff Dough

A few Spinach Leaves