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Stéphane Tréand’s Olive Oil Ice Cream

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  • Chef : François
  • Category: Recipe
  • Posted on: Wednesday June 12, 2019
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  • Languages :  English  |   Français

   La version Française se trouve ICI
Stéphane Tréand’s Olive Oil Ice Cream 

About this recipe

An Ice Cream with olive oil flavor that may surprise you at first...

Olive Oil Ice cream


... but that you will like... This recipe is an acquired taste : you may not like it when you first taste it, but if you open your tastebuds, it will grow on you, trust me !

Olive Oil Ice cream

Olive Oil Ice cream
This Ice Cream focuses on the olive oil taste, which is not a common thing you will find in the ice cream parlor down the street, but rather a specialty ice cream that you will find in top pastry chefs boutiques


First day : I'm totally surprised !

Day after day, I taught my tastebuds to get used to it, and I finally liked it !

Olive Oil Ice cream


About Olive Oil

As you may expect, the final taste depends heavily on the quality of the olive oil. If you use a common olive oil from a local supermarket, chances are you may obtain an ice cream that is not too convincing...

Olive Oil Ice cream

Therefore, I urge you to consider buying a premium olive oil. In my case, I was fortunate enough to get an Organic Olive Oil from a small producer in Provence, France : "Le Collet Blanc".

The producer focuses on quality, not quantity, and their olive oil is a top premium brand that I recommend.
Olive Oil Ice creamOlive Oil Ice cream

Le Collet Blanc
2746A Chemin du Plan des Pennes
13170 Les Pennes Mirabeau
Tel: (+33) (0)6 28 21 37 92

Here are a few photos of their olive orchard, with a sky and a view that you will see only in Provence, beautiful, isn't it ?
Olive Oil Ice creamOlive Oil Ice cream

By early June, the olive trees are blooming
Olive Oil Ice creamOlive Oil Ice cream


Olive Oil Ice cream
2 ⅔ Cups Whole Milk (600 grams)

¾ Cup Milk Powder (100 grams)

3 oz Powdered Glucose (90 grams)

1 teaspoon Ice cream stabilizer (6 grams)

½ Cup Olive Oil (83 grams)

¼ Cup Sugar (60 grams)

3 Tablespoons Egg Yolks (40 grams)

½ teaspoon Salt (3 grams)


1 tablespoon of Vanilla Paste


You will need...


The Ice Cream Mix

1. In a saucepan, mix together the

Whole Milk

(2 ⅔ Cups or 600 g) and the

Milk Powder

(¾ Cup or 100 g)

2.  Cook

on low/medium heat

Olive Oil Ice creamOlive Oil Ice cream

For the

Powdered Glucose

( 3 oz or 90 g), not an ingredient you will find easily in a convenience store... However, it's easily available on the internet: To purchase online, see HERE

Olive Oil Ice cream

3. In a bowl, mix together with a wire whip the

Powdered Glucose

( 3 oz or 90 g) and the

Ice cream stabilizer

(1 teaspoon or 6 g) (will avoid lumps)

4. Add into the saucepan and cook

on low/medium heat

Olive Oil Ice creamOlive Oil Ice creamOlive Oil Ice cream

5. Pour the

Olive Oil

(½ Cup or 83 g) in the saucepan

6.  Keep stirring, while cooking

7. In a clean bowl, whisk the

Egg Yolks

(3 Tablespoons or 40 g), the


(½ teaspoon or 3 g) and the


(¼ Cup or 60 g)

8. Optionally, you may add in the

Vanilla Paste

(1 tablespoon) (like Pierre Hermé suggests)

9. Keep an eye on the thermometer !

10. A soon as the temperature reaches 185 °F / 85 °C, transfer to a clean bowl
Olive Oil Ice creamOlive Oil Ice creamOlive Oil Ice creamOlive Oil Ice cream

As I told you earlier, the quality of the olive oil is of paramount importance ! I chose the Olive Oil from Provence producer "Collet Blanc", "Fruité Intense"
Olive Oil Ice cream

11. Mix

12. Wrap airtight

13.  Let cool down at room temperature for

1 hour

Olive Oil Ice creamOlive Oil Ice cream

To the fridge

14.  Place in the refrigerator and let cool down for at least

4 hours

Olive Oil Ice cream


There are several ice cream makers that you will need to chose from :
  • Ice Cream Maker with a Freezer Bowl

    This ice cream maker has a special bowl, a container that goes into the freezer


    . Once it's frozen, you put it in your ice cream maker, add your mix, and let the machine stir them until the ice cream is ready.
  • Ice Cream Maker with a Compressor

    This top of the line ice cream maker chills using a compressor. You don't need neither ice nor bowl : you don't need to remember to freeze anything overnight; when you're ready to make ice cream, just add your ingredients and go

Olive Oil Ice cream

Olive Oil Ice cream
If you are using like me an Ice Cream Maker with a Freezer Bowl, you need to place the bowl and the plastic over into the freezer for

a few hours


Also, clean and dry the container that will store the ice cream when done, and chill in the freezer until you are done preparing your ice cream or sorbet

Olive Oil Ice cream

15. Remove the plastic wrap and mix well

16. Pour into the ice cream maker
Olive Oil Ice creamOlive Oil Ice creamOlive Oil Ice cream


17. Pour in the mix onto your ice-cream maker
Olive Oil Ice cream

At first, the mix is liquid, but gradually, it thickens

Olive Oil Ice cream

Olive Oil Ice cream
In summer, I cover the ice cream maker with aluminium foil



18. First, the mix is liquid

19. After

10/15 minutes

, the liquid thickens

20. After

30 minutes

(or sooner depending on your device), you get the ice-cream !
Olive Oil Ice creamOlive Oil Ice creamOlive Oil Ice cream

Churn... churn... churn... and observe the mix getting thicker and thicker

Olive Oil Ice cream



Almost ready !

Freeze for at least

2 hours

before serving
Olive Oil Ice creamOlive Oil Ice cream

Enjoy this ice cream and sorbet !!

Olive Oil Ice cream


Olive Oil Ice cream


Suggestions to improve this recipe...

Some suggestions for next time...
  • As I told you earlier, you may add

    Vanilla Paste

    (1 tablespoon), as seen in a recipe from Pierre Hermé


The result and the pix

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2 ⅔ Cups Whole Milk (600 g)

¾ Cup Milk Powder (100 g)

3 oz Powdered Glucose (90 g)

1 teaspoon Ice cream stabilizer (6 g)

½ Cup Olive Oil (83 g)

¼ Cup Sugar (60 g)

3 Tablespoons Egg Yolks (40 g)

½ teaspoon Salt (3 g)

1 tablespoon of Vanilla Paste