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Thomas Keller’s Financiers (French Almond Cookies)

  • This Post
  • Chef : François
  • Category: Recipe
  • Posted on: Saturday April 7, 2018
  • Comments : 5 Comments
  • Languages :  English  |   Français

   La version Française se trouve ICI
Irresistible French Almond cookies, taught by Californian star Thomas Keller 

About this recipe

A delicious French cookie that you will find in most "Pâtisseries" in France.

Thomas Keller wrote "they are my favorite of the classic petit-four cakes"

Thomas Keller's Financiers

Thomas Keller's Financiers
For those of you who don't know those, the best way to describe Financiers is simply almond flavored soft cookies, with moist center and crisp edges.


As Thomas Keller describes it, it's all about the brown butter which gives their flavor.

Thomas Keller's Financiers


You will love them !

Thomas Keller's Financiers

Thomas Keller's Financiers

Origin of the recipe

Originally Financiers were made by nuns in the middle ages.

Around 1890, the parisian baker Lasne who had a pastry shop nearby the Paris Stock Exchange baked them in rectangular molds, so they would resemble a bar of gold


Those rectangular molds are nowadays used for financiers to create those perfectly crispy edges and moist centers...

Thomas Keller's Financiers


Source of the recipe

A recipe by my Californian star, Thomas Keller, from his book "Bouchon Bakery".

To purchase online, see HERE

Thomas Keller's Financiers

Thomas Keller's Financiers

The recipe is on page 98



Thomas Keller's Financiers

For 10 Financiers, 3.93" (or 3 15/16" or 10 cm) x 2" (or 5 cm)

½ Cup Sugar (120 grams)

¼ Cup Flour (40 grams). All Purpose Flour

⅔ Cup Almond Flour (60 grams)

½ Cup Egg Whites (100 grams)

½ Cup Butter (100 grams)


For 5 Financiers, 3.93" (or 3 15/16" or 10 cm) x 2" (or 5 cm)

¼ Cup Sugar (60 grams)

2 Tablespoons Flour (20 grams). All Purpose Flour

⅓ Cup Almond Flour (30 grams)

3 Tablespoons Egg Whites (50 grams)

4 Tablespoons Butter (50 grams)


For 20 Financiers, 3.93" (or 3 15/16" or 10 cm) x 2" (or 5 cm)

1 Cup Sugar (240 grams)

½ Cup Flour (80 grams). All Purpose Flour

1 ¼ Cup Almond Flour (120 grams)

¾ Cup Egg Whites (200 grams)

1 Cup Butter (200 grams)


You will need...


The Brown Butter "Beurre Noisette"

1.  Melt the


(½ Cup or 100 g) in a large saucepan

on medium heat

2. As soon as it is melted, whisk to keep it from separating. Increase the heat to cook

on medium/high heat

3. The bubbles will lessen, and the butter will stop singing, and eventually becomes brown, or "caramel colored" as Keller says

4. Transfer to a bowl, and leave the dark sediments in the saucepan

5.  Keller recommends using a cheesecloth to strain perfectly the butter
Thomas Keller's FinanciersThomas Keller's FinanciersThomas Keller's FinanciersThomas Keller's Financiers

The Powders

6. Whisk the


(½ Cup or 120 g) and the


(¼ Cup or 40 g) with a wire whip to break up any lumps

7. Sift in the

Almond Flour

(⅔ Cup or 60 g)

8. Whisk with a wire whip
Thomas Keller's FinanciersThomas Keller's FinanciersThomas Keller's Financiers

9. Make a well in the center and pour in the

Egg Whites

(½ Cup or 100 g)

10. Whisk them, gradually incorporating the dry mixture

11. Add in the Brown Butter

12. Scrape down the sides and bottom with a rubber spatula
Thomas Keller's FinanciersThomas Keller's FinanciersThomas Keller's FinanciersThomas Keller's FinanciersThomas Keller's Financiers

The Molds

13.  For the molds, I strongly recommend metal molds.

Nowadays, most of them come in silicone molds, which I don't like as they can't produce crispy edges.

My favorite brand is GOBEL molds, which are non sticky, and honestly, I could keep these molds perfectly for 10+ years. A high quality product.

If you live in the states, you may even find them in the store chain "Sur La Table".

Otherwise, you will find those GOBEL Financiers Molds on the internet easily.

Sur La Table
161 W Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105

Thomas Keller's Financiers

14. Thomas Keller recommends to brush the financiers molds with softened butter, and then refrigerate. I prefer using a Cooking spray

15. To pipe the batter, I recommend using a measuring cup with spout. You may use a spoon as well !

16. Pipe the batter into the financiers molds

17. Tap the bottom of each mold to smooth the batter
Thomas Keller's FinanciersThomas Keller's FinanciersThomas Keller's FinanciersThomas Keller's Financiers

18.  Preheat to 425 °F / 220 °C

19. Make sure to stop 0.11" (or 1/8" or 0.3 cm) from the top

20. Place the molds on a pan

21. Once the molds are in the oven, lower the oven temperature to 345 °F / 175 °C

22. Bake for about

20 minutes

23. Let the financiers cool down

1 minute

and immediately unmold them
Thomas Keller's FinanciersThomas Keller's FinanciersThomas Keller's FinanciersThomas Keller's Financiers

The best is to cool them down on a cooling rack

Thomas Keller's Financiers



Irresistible almond cookies !

Thomas Keller's Financiers


Best eaten the same day. They can be stored in a covered container for 1 day

Thomas Keller's Financiers


The result and the pix

Comments for This Recipe

  1. On Wednesday February 13, 2019
    Margaret Johnsonnn wrote:
    Finding and copying your recipe was hell. They had better be worth it or I will be upset and eager to miss any further offerings.
  2. On Wednesday February 13, 2019
    François answered:
    by all means, let us know. If they are not good, I will just close the entire website
  3. On Wednesday February 13, 2019
    François answered:
    just kidding, needless to say
  4. On Tuesday July 2, 2019
    Xiomara wrote:
    Love the recipe, where did you buy your molds? I checked online and there are only pan molds for six, no single ones.
  5. On Wednesday July 3, 2019
    François answered:
    At the chain store "Sur La Table"

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½ Cup Butter (100 g)