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Thomas Keller’s Dog Treats


   La version Française se trouve ICI
Wonderful treats for your dog, a recipe from top chef Thomas Keller, 3 stars Michelin, just because your dog deserves the best... 

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Ma number one fan

As I was telling you in my previous post (HERE), I realized last holidays that the blog hit the 10 Million pageviews, a real surprise and quite a shock !

Dog Treats


And I decided to cook something special and for someone ... special ! And the winner is simply my dog Rubi, for she has been my number one fan in the kitchen since I started the blog...

Dog Treats


Rubi is always there for me... whether I have to cook in the middle of the night to finish my pastries, or when I throw a fit after failing a recipe... And, if I cook for so many people, shouldn't I cook as well for Rubi who deserves it more than all those hungry humans ?

Dog Treats

Dog Treats
And between you and me, how can you not go nuts for this beautiful canine face ??


About this recipe

Homemade dog treats, easy to do, and a wonderful way to tell your dog that you love him

Dog Treats


A Thomas Keller recipe, 3 stars Michelin

Dog Treats


And I am ready to bet that those homemade treats are healthier than dog treats from the supermarket...

Dog Treats

And Rubi loves them everytime...
Dog TreatsDog TreatsDog TreatsDog Treats

Source of the recipe

A recipe by my Californian star, Thomas Keller, from his book "Bouchon Bakery".

To purchase online, see HERE

Dog Treats


The recipe is on page 52

Dog Treats


Modifications to the original recipe

I modified only a few things...



Dog Treats

For 24 treats of 3.93" (or 3 15/16" or 10 cm)

2 ½ Cups Bacon (453 grams)

13 oz Chicken Livers (370 grams)

¾ Cup Cornmeal (130 grams)

3 Cups Flour (450 grams)

1 Cup Chicken Stock (235 grams). For the recipe, see HERE


3 Tablespoons Ketchup (50 grams)

2 teaspoons Egg Whites (13 grams)

 en option

1 teaspoon of Asian Fish Sauce 'Nuoc mam'


For 18 treats of 3.93" (or 3 15/16" or 10 cm)

2 Cups Bacon (339.7 grams)

10 oz Chicken Livers (277.5 grams)

½ Cup Cornmeal (97.5 grams)

2 ⅓ Cups Flour (337.5 grams)

¾ Cup Chicken Stock (176.2 grams). For the recipe, see HERE


2 Tablespoons Ketchup (37.5 grams)

1 teaspoon Egg Whites (9.7 grams)

 en option

¾ teaspoon of Asian Fish Sauce 'Nuoc mam'


For 8 treats of 3.93" (or 3 15/16" or 10 cm)

¾ Cup Bacon (151 grams)

¼ lbs Chicken Livers (123.3 grams)

¼ Cup Cornmeal (43.3 grams)

1 Cup Flour (150 grams)

⅓ Cup Chicken Stock (78.3 grams). For the recipe, see HERE


2 teaspoons Ketchup (16.6 grams)

1 teaspoon Egg Whites (4.3 grams)

 en option

0.3 teaspoon of Asian Fish Sauce 'Nuoc mam'


You will need...


1. Cut the


(2 ½ Cups or 453 g), in pieces of 1" (or 2.5 cm) in diameter

2.  Cook the


(2 ½ Cups or 453 g) in a skillet until they turn brown and almost crispy

3. Set aside in a bowl

4.  Cook the

Chicken Livers

( 13 oz or 370 g) in the same skillet, but only briefly on each side, you don't want to dry too much the

Chicken Livers

5. Set aside the

Chicken Livers

( 13 oz or 370 g) in a different bowl

6. Wait that those meats cool downMix
Dog TreatsDog TreatsDog Treats

7. Mix the


in a Food Processor (with chopping blades) (sometimes called 'robot coupe')

8. Add in the

Chicken Livers

and mix
Dog TreatsDog TreatsDog Treats

9. You may use a stand mixer (like a Kitchen Aid appliance) or do everything manually with a spatula !

10. Transfer the meats to a bowl

11. Add in the


(¾ Cup or 130 g) and mix together. If you are using a stand mixer (like a Kitchen Aid appliance), use the 'paddle'

12. Add in the


(3 Cups or 450 g) and mix
Dog TreatsDog Treats

13. While mixing, slowly pour the

Chicken Stock

(1 Cup or 235 g)

14. Even though it's not in the original recipe, I add in the

Asian Fish Sauce 'Nuoc mam'

(1 teaspoon)

15. The result is a mass that is easy to hold and transfer onto a work surface
Dog TreatsDog TreatsDog Treats

Like Keller, I use a cookie cutter to make bone-shaped cookies

Between you and me, your dog doesn't give a damn about the shape of those treats, so if you don't have the same cookie cutter, you can always cut any shape with a knife...
Dog Treats

16. Place the mass between two parchment papers

17. Roll the dough, 0.39" (or 25/64" or 1 cm) thick

18. Cut the shapes you want, with a cookie cutter or a knife
Dog TreatsDog TreatsDog TreatsDog Treats

19. Transfer those cuts onto a baking tray...
Dog TreatsDog Treats

Baking time

20.  Bake those treats at 320 °F / 160 °C. For best results, use a convection oven

21. After

1 hour

(more or less), remove from oven

22. In a bowl, mix the


(3 Tablespoons or 50 g) and the

Egg White

(2 teaspoons or 13 g) to obtain a glaze

23. Brush the treats with this glazing

24. Bake again for

30 minutes

to dry out the glazing
Dog TreatsDog TreatsDog Treats

After baking, let cool down. I recommend storing the dog treats in the fridge
Dog TreatsDog Treats


And I use those special treats whenever Rubi deserves it... ( which happens often as she is a real angel... )

Dog Treats

Dog Treats
Rubi is a fine gourmet and is real picky... and loves those treats everytime !

Rubi says thank you Thomas Keller!
Dog TreatsDog TreatsDog Treats

The result and the pix

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2 ½ Cups Bacon (453 g)

13 oz Chicken Livers (370 g)

¾ Cup Cornmeal (130 g)

3 Cups Flour (450 g)

1 Cup Chicken Stock (235 g)

3 Tablespoons Ketchup (50 g)

2 teaspoons Egg Whites (13 g)

1 teaspoon of Asian Fish Sauce 'Nuoc mam'