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Alex Stupak’s Mexican Flour Tortilla

  • This Recipe
  • Chef: Alex Stupak
  • Cuisine: Mexican Cuisine
  • Course: Base, Tortilla
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Category: Base
  • Yield: 13 Tortillas of 6 inches
  • Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
  • Cooking Time: 15 Minutes
  • Readiness Time: 10 Minutes
  • This Post
  • Author : François (FX)
  • Category: Recipe
  • Posted on: Tuesday January 20, 2015
  • Comments : 2 Comments
  • Languages :  English  |   Français

   La version Française se trouve ICI
Alex Stupak's flour tortillas 

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About this recipe

If you decided to make your own tacos, why not learn to make Tortillas, your homemade tacos will taste even better!

Flour Mexican Tortillas

Flour Mexican Tortillas
Of the several kinds of tortillas, the Flour ones are popular in the States


These are also my favorites

Flour Mexican Tortillas

Flour Mexican Tortillas

Source of the recipe

I got this recipe in the book "Tacos: Recipes and Provocations" by Alex Stupak.

Alex Stupak has become an expert in tacos after opening his restaurant and learning the Mexican cuisine in Mexico.

To purchase online, see HERE

Flour Mexican Tortillas
In his book, Stupak offers recipes "new wave", as he puts it : "to declare that the only good Mexican cuisine is 'authentic' also assumes that the cuisine has ceased evolving"



Flour Mexican Tortillas

For 13 Tortillas, 5.9" (or 5 29/32" or 15 cm) in diameter
or 5 Tortillas, 9.84" (or 9 27/32" or 25 cm) in diameter

1 ⅔ Cup Flour (240 grams)

¼ Cup Lard (54 grams). Pork fat

½ teaspoon of Salt

½ Cup Water (120 grams)


For 24 Tortillas, 5.9" (or 5 29/32" or 15 cm) in diameter
or 9 Tortillas, 9.84" (or 9 27/32" or 25 cm) in diameter

3 Cups Flour (443 grams)

½ Cup Lard (99.6 grams). Pork fat

0.9 teaspoon of Salt

1 Cup Water (221.5 grams)


For 8 Tortillas, 5.9" (or 5 29/32" or 15 cm) in diameter
or 3 Tortillas, 9.84" (or 9 27/32" or 25 cm) in diameter

1 Cup Flour (147.6 grams)

2 Tablespoons Lard (33.2 grams). Pork fat

0.3 teaspoon of Salt

⅓ Cup Water (73.8 grams)


For 4 Tortillas, 5.9" (or 5 29/32" or 15 cm) in diameter
or 1 Tortillas, 9.84" (or 9 27/32" or 25 cm) in diameter

½ Cup Flour (73.8 grams)

1 Tablespoon Lard (16.6 grams). Pork fat

0.1 teaspoon of Salt

3 Tablespoons Water (36.9 grams)


You will need...


The Lard

When I started his Flour Tortilla recipe, I was puzzled at first as his recipe contains Lard

However it looks like that's authentic, as I talked to native Mexicans who reported that they really use Lard for their tortillas

If you can't eat or don't want to eat Lard, Stupak recommends to make Corn Tortillas instead (HERE)
Flour Mexican Tortillas

The dough or "masa"

1. Stupak recommends to use a stand mixer (like the usual kitchen aid on the photos) with the paddle attachment, but you may also knead the dough (the "masa” ) by hand

2. Combine the


(1 ⅔ Cup or 240 g), the


(¼ Cup or 54 g), the


(½ teaspoon) and mix on low speed (number 2) for about

2 minutes

Flour Mexican TortillasFlour Mexican Tortillas

3. Pour in the


(½ Cup or 120 g) and mix for

1 minute

until the dough comes together

4.  The danger is to over mix, which would make the dough too elastic : it would become too hard to roll it thinly
Flour Mexican TortillasFlour Mexican Tortillas

5.  Place the dough into a bowl and cover it with a wet towel, for about

10 minutes

Flour Mexican Tortillas

Make the flour tortilla

You cannot use the tortilla press, even if you want to impress your guests....

Stupak mentions that the tortilla press can be only used with Corn tortillas. The Flour Tortillas contain gluten which makes them elastic : use the rolling pin, and forget about the press.
Flour Mexican Tortillas

6. Grab a handful of dough (about the size of a golf ball) and roll it into a sphere

7. Using a rolling pin, roll out the dough into a 5.9" (or 5 29/32" or 15 cm) circle and 0.07" (or 5/64" or 0.2 cm) thick. If the tortilla is too sticky, you may want to mix again with a tablespoon of flour, but I never needed to do it so you should be fine.
Flour Mexican TortillasFlour Mexican Tortillas

8.  If you have a hard time to shape perfect rounds, you can cheat by placing a plate, and cut around the edges with a knife

9. Your tortilla is ready ! it needs to be cooked right away otherwise it would dry fast
Flour Mexican TortillasFlour Mexican Tortillas

Cooking the Tortillas

10.  Cook the tortilla on a hot non stick skillet for about

10 seconds

11. If the tortilla puffs you will need to pinch it

12. After

10/15 seconds

or so, flip the tortilla for another

5 seconds

Flour Mexican TortillasFlour Mexican TortillasFlour Mexican Tortillas

Storing the cooked tortillas

13.  You may store the cooked tortillas on a plate sitting on a double boiler

14. Stupak mentioned that it's best if you use the tortillas right away. After cooking them, garnish them and serve your tacos, they will taste better when they are freshly cooked.
Flour Mexican Tortillas


Flour Mexican Tortillas


Flour Mexican Tortillas


The other recipe of Tortillas

Alex Stupak’s Mexican Corn Tortilla


The result and the pix

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Comments for This Recipe

  1. On Tuesday April 16, 2019
    Tehmina wrote:
    Please let me know if I can use butter instead of Lard to maje flour tortillas.
  2. On Tuesday April 16, 2019
    François (FX) answered:
    not sure, butter has a taste. Try butter perhaps - or Try substituting half margarine and half grapeseed oil

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