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10 Millions page views, Thanks all !

2019-01-08 '
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  • Author : FX (François-xavier)
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Rubi's Xmas

10 Millions de vues
Rubi and I love our habits... Like the 25th of December : On a typical Dec 25th day, we like to stay away from the oven and the stove, and just relax. Typically, we worked hard to deliver meals, desserts for the 24th, and the 25th is a national "no cooking allowed" type of a day at home
10 Millions de vues
Rubi loves waking up late, and really slowly...
10 Millions de vues
If I insist, she will open one eye, and on good years, a second eye....
10 Millions de vues
Rubi also enjoys her Christmas costume, even though she is too tired to make an effort and look happy on this photo...
10 Millions de vues
Then, Rubi starts whining, as she smelled a toy under the gift wrap of that thing that is on the table... Believe it or not, Rubi has developed a nose that can detect a toy, miles away

The Million Pageviews

10 Millions de vues
And today, as no cooking is allowed at home, we keep ourselves busy reading, and catching up on the blog.

While I am reviewing the admin pages of the blog, I notice one email sent by the blog server : The blog just hit the million pageviews ! Yoo-hoo !

And so Rubi and I want to thank all our viewers for their trust, their questions, their comments, and their support !

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