The Profiteroles KUB recipe

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   La version Française se trouve ICI
A classy delightful French dessert, in an original shape 

Origins of the recipe

  • The pastry « Profiterole » was born in France, before the XIX century, but was actually different than today : Profteroles were either savory of sweet.
  • Starting the XIX century, the pastry chef sieur Heuzé (located in rue Coquillière, Paris) was selling profiteroles with chocolate and vanilla.

About this recipe

This recipe is essentially that of the classic Profiteroles, a Choux Pastry filled with ice cream. To make this classic dessert more trendy, I decided to make it square (actually a cube), though a few pastry chefs already made it (I discovered this later). Enjoy the recipe !


A Choux Pastry Dough.
For the Choux Pastry Dough, see HERE.

Ice Cream. Any flavor goes !

A few Pecan Nuts. Crushed Pecan Nuts

A small quantity of Dark Chocolate


  • If you decide to make your own ice cream, you want to pour it into square molds right after making the ice cream.
  • If you buy the ice cream, make sure it’s not hard solid, otherwise let it melt

    a few minutes

    at room temperature, and then pour into the silicon molds
Once your ice cream is in the mold, freeze it for at least 2 hours, ideally overnight.

The Choux Pastry Dough

You will need to make Choux Pastry Dough, I can show you the recipe HERE
To pour the Choux Pastry dough into the molds, you can use a spoon, but I recommend the pastry bag which is more suitable

The Molds

You will need « Square Loaf Pan Mini-Cubes » that I purchased on the internet. Mine are 2.4 inch wide.
ProfiterolesPour the Choux Pastry Dough into the mold.
I filled it up only 1/3 full
Make sure your molds have a « top » or a « lid » like a real pullman loaf ! Otherwise your profiteroles will not be cubic
I cook with a pre-heated hot pizza stone :
You may fail the first time (hopefully not), just as I failed the first timeS.
Do NOT get discouraged ! It takes time to adjust the temperatures and the time
That would be your ideal result…
Let the profiterole cool down before we cut it
You want to cut the profiterole choux in 2 parts :
  • The Lid
  • The middle part that we will discard
  • The bottom

The chocolate

Melt your

Dark Chocolate

in a doubleboiler
or in the microwave to go faster…
Dip the « lid »
ProfiterolesSprinkle some

Pecan Nuts

(or any other nuts)
You can have fun and even cut the lid to make it even more original…
ProfiterolesTake the ice cream out of the freezer and un-mold (so easy with silicon molds)
Insert the frozen ice cream into the choux
And just top with the chocolate lid !

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The Profiteroles KUB recipe

The result and the pix

Comments for This Recipe


    1. [Anonymous] wrote:
      Wow! It looks great Francois. I saw the square Box shell filled with pastry cream just like pate chou and wondered how they made it. Thanks for beautiful pictures and clear instruction. Where did you get the molds?

    2. François answered:
      You should look on the internet (try eBay or Amazon) for products such as "square tin pullman mold", it usually ships from Japan or Hong Kong

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