The Bilbao Brunch

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   La version Française se trouve ICI
A delicious brunch as served in Basque Country, Spain 

The Basque Country

While travelling in the Basque Country, I spent a few days visiting beautiful Basque Country towns (both on the French and Spanish sides) like Saint-Jean de Luz, San Sebastian (See the article I posted a while ago, HERE), Bilbao and the Atlantic coastal plain.
Easy salsa verde
Easy salsa verde


Once arrived in Bilbao, you can’t miss the beautiful Guggenheim Museum of Contempary Arts
Easy salsa verde
Easy salsa verde

The Casco Viejo

One of the best culinary experiences in Bilbao lies in the old district called the « Casco Viejo« , with lots of tapas bars and great local restaurants…
Easy salsa verde…not to mention it has fewer tourists than San Sebastian, which makes this old district even more interesting
And here’s the square in the old dictrict where I ate this dish
Easy salsa verde
Easy salsa verdeA Spanish dish so delicious…. and simple !


Easy salsa verde 
6 Eggs. Very Fresh please!!!

A few slices of Spanish Chorizo

1 Cup Riccota Cheese (250 grams)


3 Bell Peppers

1 Onion

3 Cups Diced Tomatoes in Can (690 grams)

2 teaspoons of Chili Powder

2 teaspoons of Paprika

1 teaspoon of Chili powder (or Espelette). Substitute with cayenne pepper

1 tablespoon of Onion Powder


A small quantity of Parmesan Cheese

A small quantity of Basil leaves


Easy salsa verde

The Cast Iron skillet

The skillet that this dish was served to me in Basque Country was pretty close to a Lodge Cast-iron Skillet, which I bought for the occasion

Cooking the vegetables

Start by cooking the diced Onions until they start to caramelize, then add the diced Bell Peppers
Easy salsa verde
Then add the diced Tomatoes (I took a 28-oz can of diced tomatoes)
Easy salsa verde

10/15 minutes

, the vegetables are very soft, the liquid has thickened
Easy salsa verde
Easy salsa verdeSeparate the vegetables in two halves and blend one half
Easy salsa verdePour this vegetable sauce in the skillet
Then pour the 2nd half of vegetables that were not blended
Easy salsa verde
Easy salsa verdeUsing the back of a spoon, dig a few holes (one per egg) into the vegetables
Spoon Ricotta cheese into those holes and press (to create a hole that will contain the egg)
Easy salsa verde
Easy salsa verdeCrack an Egg into each hole


Bake the dish in pre-heated oven (360 °F/180 °C) for

5/10 minutes

Easy salsa verde


When the egg whites start to set, top with Parmesan cheese and pre-cooked Chorizo slices (I precook them in a skillet).

Do NOT replace Spanish Chorizo with mexican or another chorizo ! Taste is totally different. You will find Spanish Chorizo online, imported from Spain, on Amazon for instance
Easy salsa verde
Here you go ! After

5/10 minutes

of baking, the cheese has melted, take out of the oven and top with Basil leaves
Easy salsa verde

The result and the pix

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