Homemade Honolulu style Poke Bowl

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   La version Française se trouve ICI
A poke bowl that I learned in Honolulu, very simple and sooooo delicious 
Poke Bowl

About this recipe

I first heard about poke when I visited the beautiful Hawaiian island of Oahu, and my first try was a revelation
« Poke » means « to cut » or « to slice » in Hawaiian language

Oahu island

Honolulu, in beautiful Oahu. That was the last island of the Hawaiian islands that I visited, for I was under the assumption that Honolulu was just another American city, with its starbuck and other chain food restaurants…
And I was wrong ! The city and the island are actually very interesting ! I recommend to visit not only Honolulu but also the countryside which is amazing


Here’s the volcanoe « Diamond Head » that you can see from Waikiki beach


Beautiful Waikiki beach…
Though I liked Waikiki, I preferred other beaches, on the south side, more quiet, with locals, and fewer tourists !
And I love those Hula dances, and even if they are here for tourists’ delight, I find them so beautiful…. Something that I learned during my trip to Oahu : These dancers tell a story, but through their hands : You are supposed to look at their hands, for it is their hands that will tell the story

The greatest surfer

The best surfer of all times is probably Duke Kahanamoku, and this statue reminds us that Duke used to swim and surf here

The second greatest surfer

Did you recognize the second best world surfer ? Yes ! That’s me, holding a surf board for the very first time in my life….
That’s me… falling.
Still me… in the water

Surfing in waikiki

And finally I could surf my first wave… in waikiki beach !


Poke Bowl 


2 ¼ lbs Salmon Filet (1 kilogram). Salmon or Tuna, Ahi Tuna


1 Cup Rice

 Sauce and spices

3 tablespoons of Soy Sauce

1 tablespoon of Sesame Oil

1 tablespoon of Ginger Root

2 Garlic Cloves

½ teaspoon of Palm Sugar. Can be substituted with Brown Sugar


3 Green Onions ('Scallions')

1 Avocado


A small quantity of Coriander leaves (cilantro)

A small quantity of Sesame Seeds


Poke Bowl

The Rice

Start by cooking the rice

The Fish

For the

Salmon Filet

(2 ¼ lbs or 1 kg), remove bones and the skin
Poke Bowl
Cut the

Salmon Filet

(2 ¼ lbs or 1 kg) into chunks
Poke Bowl
Actually, I am using

Salmon Filet

but if you travel to Hawaii, you will notice that they prefer using Tuna
Poke Bowl
Peel the


Poke Bowl
Cut in big chunks and add some lemon juice to avoid the avocado to turn dark
Poke Bowl
Peel and grate some

Ginger Root

Poke Bowl
To peel the

Ginger Root

, simply use a spoon, not a peeler !
Add the crushed

Garlic Cloves

Poke Bowl
Poke Bowl


Add :
  • the

    Sesame Oil

    (1 tablespoon)
  • and the

    Palm Sugar

    (½ teaspoon) that you may substitute with brown sugar
Poke BowlAdd the

Soy Sauce

(3 tablespoons) and the diced

Green Onions ('Scallions')


Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix them


  • Start by putting some


    in each bowl
  • Add the Fish with the Sauce and the Avocado
  • For the toppings, I use

    Coriander leaves (cilantro)


    Sesame Seeds

Poke Bowl
So simple, and sooooo good !

The result and the pix

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