French Sausage in Brioche (« Saucisson Brioché »)

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   La version Française se trouve ICI
A delicious and traditional dish from Lyon, a city some say is the food capital in France 
Brioche Sausage

Lyon, the town I love!

I lived in Lyon for 7 years as a student at my college, and fell in love with this beautiful town in France

The view I had for so many years

While a student, this is the view I could admire every day from my desk !
LyonFrom the Saint-Just / Fourvière area where my college was, I would walk down the hill and go through charming old streets, that were there already during the Romans. Do you know that Lyon was the Capital of France under the romans ?
This bridge goes over the river Saone, one of the 2 rivers in Lyon (the other one is the more famous Rhône river)

Source of the recipe

One of the famous local dishes is the Sausage in a Brioche (« Saucisson Brioché »), a recipe I was provided by Madame d’Aubery
Brioche Sausage


Brioche Sausage 

 Brioche Dough

1 ½ Cup Flour (250 grams)

1 teaspoon Yeast (4 grams)

1 Tablespoon Sugar (14 grams). A tablespoon

3 Eggs

One pinch of Salt

⅔ Cup Butter (150 grams)


A big Sausage

The Brioche Dough

If you have a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, that’s perfect ! Just use the hook for the following instructions.
I didn’t make this recipe at home, and my friends didn’t have a Kitchen Aid, so I had to make this recipe with their bread maker, and that proved to work perfectly as well !
Incorporate into the bowl : the


(1 ½ Cup or 250 g), the


(1 teaspoon or 4 g), the


(1 Tablespoon or 14 g) and mix
Brioche Sausage
Pour in the




(One pinch) and mix
Brioche Sausage
You need to knead for at least

10 minutes

Brioche Sausage



10 minutes

, we add the


(⅔ Cup or 150 g) cut in pieces, and not all at once, but rather in batches. It will need some time to absorb, just patient, trust my word : the dough will absorb the


(⅔ Cup or 150 g)…
Brioche Sausage
If it’s the first time you’re making a brioche, you may think you ruined your dough but don’t panic ! The butter does not incorporate well with the dough, and that’s fine ! Just leave the stand mixer or the bread maker work… The


will mix with the dough but that will take time. It took up to

30 minutes

in my case…
Brioche Sausage


Let the dough proof, until doubled in volume, approx.

45 minutes to one hour

Brioche Sausage

Resting in fridge

After the brioche dough has doubled in volume, wrap with plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator for 4 hours
Brioche Sausage

The Sausage

Brioche SausageFor the sausage, the cooks from Lyon use their local « Cervelat » sausage, which will be difficult to find abroad. You may substitute with a thick sausage (2 1/2 inches wide).

If you live in the States, you may find it in gourmet stores (check the brand : Fabrique Delices, « saucisse de morteau »).

Let’s cook this sausage in hot water for

20 minutes

After the sausage has cooked, let it cool down, and peel it, then refrigerate for one hour
Brioche Sausage


Preparing the sausage

Brush the sausage with egg yolk and then spread some flour (this will act like a ‘glue’ to adhere the dough with the sausage to avoid a gap)
Brioche Sausage
Spread the Brioche dough out
Brioche Sausage
Wrap the sausage with the Brioche dough
Brioche Sausage
Place into a load pan (greased with melted butter). You want to place the seam underneath the brioche
Brioche Sausage
Brioche Sausage

Proofing for the 2nd time

Let the brioche proof again, covered with a wet towel (so it doesn’t dry).

Let it rise for 2 hours

1 à 2 hours

, the brioche has risen (doubled in volume)
Brioche Sausage


You may decorate the brioche with any pattern you like. I chose to decorate with a lattice pattern
Brioche Sausage


Eggwash the top of the brioche
Brioche Sausage
I place my lattice
Brioche Sausage


Preheat the oven to 400 °F/200 °C, and place in the oven for

30 minutes

or until golden
Brioche Sausage
After it’s fully baked, let it cool down
Brioche Sausage
and then unmold…
Brioche Sausage
Brioche SausageIt’s ready. You can then slice the brioche and enjoy this fabulous dish !

The result and the pix

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